In Johannesburg, down in Kerk Street, there is a Malawian born Reggae Artiste and Producer who goes by the name ‘Sithe’. To his credit, he has a number of Albums, Riddims and other compilations. He records his own music and also produces for other artistes based in Malawi and South Africa.

Weeks ago, when John Mussa was apprehended for being found in possession of Marijuana, he set  out to produce a Riddim through his label Overstay Entertainment. The Riddim, dubbed ‘Free Up Mussah’, has brought together South African based artistes: Avah, Gabriel Steveman, Gibolozi Warrior, Ginito, Kadiana, Nelo; and Malawian based artistes: Axum, Choak Deez, Khafia; and the producer himself: Sithe. The songs have touched on subjects ranging from injustice, oneness, and survival to legalizaigon of marijuana. Below is the official track list:

  1. Avah – Freedom
  2. Nelo – Osamukhomelera
  3. Ginito – Sibwino
  4. Kadiana – Too Deep
  5. Axum – Mayi Chilengedwe
  6. Khafia – Jail
  7. Gabriel Steveman – Ganja
  8. Gibolozi Warrior – Wicked World
  9. Sithe – Wakuda
  10. #FreeUpMussa (Riddim Version with Chorus)

The Riddim is available for streaming and downloading on To purchase the full compilation, fans are asked pay MK 3000 (Malawi) and R 50 (RSA). In solidarity of the #FreeMussa campaign, all proceeds from the sales will be donated to John Mussa’s family.   

When quizzed about the motivation behind this project, Sithe stressed on the impact that Reggae music has on individuals and in driving social change all around the world.

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    Wadzo Don

    That’s awesome brother overstay💥

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